Membership in APPA denotes a significant contribution and commitment to advancing knowledge in psychopathology research and clinical practice. Members have access to content including slides from the annual meeting and recorded webinars. The membership elects the officers of APPA who organize the theme of the annual meeting, and members who are interested in greater involvement in planning the meeting can participate on one of three committees. Input from members is key in selecting themes for the annual meeting and APPA officers. Members also nominate recipients for the Robins-Guze award for promising junior scholars.

Members make tax-deductible annual dues payments. Membership dues help to fund the annual meeting and are therefore essential to continuing this key activity of the association. When members attend the meeting, their annual dues payment allows them to register for the meeting at a discount that exceeds the cost of membership. When they are unable to attend the meeting, their dues nonetheless help promote the exchange of information across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Become a Member

Regular Member

Membership in APPA is open to all individuals in the fields of psychopathological research, intervention, and policy. To become a member of APPA, complete the online membership form here.


Fellows are individuals who have made important, original, and independent contributions to knowledge of psychopathology. Candidates for fellowship must be nominated by two active fellows. Active fellows who are nominating new candidates for fellowship should submit their nomination to the Membership Chair ([email protected]), along with a copy of the candidate’s current CV.

Trainee member

Trainee membership is open to doctoral and medical students, post-doctoral fellows, and medical residents or fellows who are active in a formal training program. Following the completion of training, trainee members are expected to transition to full membership. To become a trainee member of APPA, complete the online membership form here.

Life fellows/members

Life fellows/members are active fellows or members of at least fifteen years' duration who, upon retirement from professional activities, may choose to request this category of membership. They shall continue to receive information about association activities. They may continue to vote on Association business. They can continue to provide financial support to the association using the contribution opportunities. Please contact the Membership Chair to request life membership ([email protected]).


The annual dues for Fellows and Members is $230.

The annual dues for Trainee Members is $75.

The annual dues for Lifetime Members and Lifetime Fellows is $50.

For further information, please contact [email protected].