The APPA has four awards named for individuals who have made important contributions to the science of psychopathology. They are the Eli Robins and Samuel Guze Award, Hamilton Award, Joseph Zubin Award, and the Paul Hoch Award.

Robins/Guze Award

The Robins/Guze Award is presented in honor of two psychiatrists Eli Robins (1921-1994) and Samuel B. Guze (1923-2000). These pioneers questioned every fundamental premise in clinical psychopathology and undertook studies and approaches that have changed the field of psychiatry forever. Their contributions included advancing a biological and medical view of mental illness, developing standard diagnostic criteria for mental disorders, and (as successive Heads of the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine), mentoring numerous investigators in the field. In memory of these significant contributions to the field of psychopathology, the Robins/Guze Award will be given to an early career investigator who has been conducting research, but has not yet been a Principal Investigator on a R01 grant or equivalent and has not yet reached the level of Associate Professor. The Robins/Guze Awardee will be automatically nominated as a member to the APPA and the first year's membership dues will be waived. See complete list of winners below. The deadline to submit nominations for the Robins-Guze award was Monday, November 20, 2023, to the APPA Secretary, Dr. William Stone ([email protected]). Nominations for this award should come from the candidate's mentor and include a CV of the nominee and a brief letter supporting the appropriateness of the candidate for this award.

Hamilton Award

This award, given to the APPA President each year, is named for Samuel W. Hamilton who was the APPA President in 1938. He was born in 1878, was a Vermont native, received a B.S. at the University of Vermont and an M.D. from Columbia University. He began his career at Bloomingdale Asylum, now the Westchester Division of New York Hospital. He was most noted for his work in mental hospital administration and was a forceful advocate for improving the care of the mentally ill. He was highly regarded by colleagues and the Hamilton Award was established shortly after his death in 1951 to honor his “long and effective leadership” in the field of psychopathology. See complete list of winners below.

Hoch Award

The Paul Hoch award is given to a distinguished and currently active investigator who has produced significant, generative research in the area being highlighted at the meeting. The award is accompanied by the Hoch Award Address. The recipient may or may not be a member of the APPA. See complete list of winners below.

Zubin Award

For decades Joseph Zubin played an essential role in the intellectual health of the APPA. He pioneered the concept of an annual meeting around a theme, with subsequent publication of the meeting content as a book, many of which he edited. Dr. Zubin attended the annual meeting faithfully every year. In his later years, he invariably sat in the front row and would ask at least one penetrating and highly relevant question after nearly every talk. He had great intellectual curiosity and in his courtly way, he challenged speakers and attendees to think without ever causing a feeling of defensiveness.

The Joseph Zubin award is given to an individual who has played a fundamental role in psychopathology research, generally in a field related to the meeting topic. It honors a person who has contributed to our knowledge base and has stimulated others. The recipient need not necessarily be an active investigator but rather an elder statesman whose contributions are worthy of recognition. See complete list of winners below.

Additionally, we offer meritorious Scholarship awards for each annual conference to help defray the costs of registration and travel. Details about these and links to apply will be sent via email to members, conference registrants and abstract submitters, and will appear here. We particularly encourage members of underrepresented minority groups to apply for these.


Previous Award Winners*


YearHoch Award*Zubin Award*Robins/Guze AwardStudent Leadership Award
* This lists the Hoch awardees since 1990, and the Zubin, Robins/Guze, and Student Leadership awardees since those awards were established. For Hamilton awardees, please see the listing of Presidents of the APPA (the first Hamilton Award was given to Clarence R. Oberndorf in 1953)
1990 Arvid Carlsson      
1991 Gerald Russell      
1992 Robert C. Elston George Winokur    
1993 Lindon Eaves Albert Ellis    
1994 George Brown Alexander H. Leighton    
1995 Stanley Prusiner Paul R. McHugh    
1996 Lester Luborsky Myrna M. Weissman / Gerald L. Klerman    
1997 Ronald C. Kessler Heinz Hafner    
1998 Robin M. Murray Barton Childs    
1999 John Rush David J. Kupfer / Ellen Frank    
2000 Ming T. Tsuang Samual B. Guze    
2001 Gerard Hogarty Robert Spitzer Frederick Cassidy Catina Meeks / Gary Heiman
2002 Joseph E. LeDoux Bruce S. McEwen Renee Cunningham Williams  
2003 Eric R. Kandel John W. Olney James Potash  
2004 George S. Alexopoulos Simon Wessely David C. Rettew  
2005 Jane M. Murphy Nikki Erlenmeyer-Kimling Karestan Koenen  
2006 Paul McHugh David Botstein Thomas Schulze  
2007 Sir Michael Rutter John E. Helzer Todd Lencz  
2008 James M. Robins Bruce P. Dohrenwend Catherine W. Striley  
2009 Norman Sartorius David Shaffer Zubin Bhagwager  
2010 Wilson M. Compton Ezra Susser Valerie Harder  
2011 Naomi Breslau Patricia Cohen Magdalena Cerda  
2012 Myron Hofer Zena Stein Monica Uddin  
2013 Maria Kovacs Gabrielle Carlson James Kirkbride  
2014 John H. Krystal Irving I. Gottesman Carolyn Rodríguez  
2015 Kathleen Merikangas Jules Angst Armin Raznahan  
2016 Francis J. McMahon Paula J. Clayton Katherine M. Keyes  
2017 Robert F. Krueger John G. Gunderson Nicholas R. Eaton  
2018 Terrie T. Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi Kenneth S. Kendler Natalie Slopen  
2019 Stephen V. Faraone Evelyn J. Bromet Akhgar Ghassabian  
2020 Marc Olfson  Bridget Grant  Sylia Wilson  David Fink
2021 Joe Bienvenu J. Raymond De Paulo, Jr. Sarah Lowe  
2022 Neil Risch Peter Szatmari Claudia Lugo-Candelas  
2023 Stephan Heckers Denise Kandel Paulo Lizano