The 2024 Elections Committee is looking for individuals interested in leadership of the American Psychopathological Association (APPA). Nominations are now underway for three open positions: Vice-President, Secretary-Elect, and Councilor at-large, and may be nominated by self or others. The deadline to submit a nomination is December 6, 2023
If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person for a Council position,
please email APPA headquarters at [email protected]

Each year, the American PsychoPathological Association (APPA) holds elections for positions on its Council. We value your input as a member of the Association and ask that you nominate individuals for consideration who will help advance the mission and drive the direction of APPA for the next 4 years. Self-nominations are also accepted. We strongly encourage nominations of persons from diverse backgrounds, particularly from groups that are underrepresented in mental health fields.

Control and administration of APPA is vested in its Council as per the APPA constitution. The 2024-2025 Council will include the President, Past-President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Secretary-Elect, Treasurer, Membership Chair and three Councilors at-large. APPA is managed by Bower Management Services (BMS). Open positions are elected individually by majority vote of the members voting and, for 2024-2025, consist of Vice PresidentSecretary-elect and 1 Councilor at-large

Descriptions of the positions are below.  
If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person for a Council position,
please email APPA headquarters at [email protected]

The deadline for submitting nominations is December 6, 2023.  Elections will be held in January, 2024.

APPA Vice-President: The APPA Presidency is a 4-year term of service. Individuals elected by the general membership to serve as President fulfill the role of Vice-President in their first year of service; President-Elect in their second year of service; President in their third year of service; and Past-President in the fourth year of service. The continuity of this 4-year term of service is vital to the association. The Vice-President and President-Elect years are dedicated to long-term planning activities for APPA. The presidential year is dedicated to the implementation of all aspects of the annual meeting that the President helps organize and lead. The Past-President year is dedicated to service as a senior advisor on the council.

APPA Secretary:
 The APPA Secretary is a 4-year term of service. Individuals elected by the membership to serve as Secretary fulfill the role of Secretary-Elect in their first year of service and Secretary in years 2-4. The Secretary leads and manages the APPA Council as our Association’s governing body, directs our annual timeline of milestones throughout the year, and maintains important documents needed for the long-term continuity of APPA. This 4-year term of service is critical to the smooth functioning and long-term prospects of the association. The Secretary-elect shadows and assists the Secretary for 1 year and then assumes the role thereafter.

: In addition to the outgoing APPA President, there are 3 Councilors-at-large who serve a 4-year term of service. Councilors contribute to the APPA by participating in Council meetings and by taking on responsibilities that are vital to the success of the organization. These responsibilities vary depending on the interests of the Councilors and needs of the association, and include: serving on the APPA standing committees, implementing outreach, advertising and social media initiatives, and assisting with onsite conference tasks, etc.