Membership in the American Psychopathological Association

For over a century, APPA has brought diverse groups of researchers, policy makers and scholars together to an annual meeting where cutting edge issues and developments in psychopathology are presented and discussed. Although the meeting is open to all mental health professionals and researchers, the bulk of those attending belong to the community of APPA members. The members are active basic and clinical researchers whose observations, questions and insights are always valuable. Indeed, a unique feature of the APPA annual meetings is that there is a single series of presentations on a specific theme and there is scheduled discussion that involves members of the audience.

Membership in APPA signifies a commitment to advancing knowledge in psychopathology research and clinical practice. The members elect the officers of APPA and these officers take charge in organizing the theme of the annual meeting. Input from members is key in selecting themes for the annual meeting and Association Officers. Members also nominate recipients for the Robins-Guze award for promising junior scholars. The annual evaluation of the meeting by the members is used to refine and focus the future meetings.

Members make a tax-deductible annual dues payment of $150 and these dues fund the planning of the annual meeting. When members attend the meeting, their annual dues payment allows them to register for the meeting at a discount that exceeds the cost of membership. When they are unable to attend the meeting, they know that their dues help promote the exchange of information across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Beginning in 2017, members will also be able to submit authored or co-authored poster presentations for the annual meeting after the December 15th submission deadline. These poster submissions will be prioritized for acceptance so long as there is room available. The guarantee is unqualified if the submission is made within the publically announced initial submission deadline.


Membership in the APPA is by nomination and election. However, it is perfectly acceptable for someone interested in becoming a member to initiate the process. There are two categories of regular membership defined in the APPA constitution:


Fellows are individuals living in and outside of the United States who have made important, original, and independent contributions to knowledge of psychopathology. Candidates for fellowship must be nominated in writing by two active fellows. Active fellows who are nominating new candidates for fellowship should submit their letters of nomination to the Membership Chairperson, along with a copy of the candidate’s current CV.


Members are individuals living in and outside of the United States who have made important contributions to knowledge of psychopathology, but not to the extent required for fellows. Candidates for membership may be nominated by APPA members or may self-nominate for membership. A nomination statement should be sent to the membership chair summarizing the qualifications of the candidate, and should include the candidate’s current CV.

In order to be considered for membership at the annual meeting that year, all materials must be received by Membership Chairperson, Dr. Monica Uddin, by February 1st. The APPA Council reviews and approves the list of candidates. Then, the approved roster is presented to all fellows/members attending the annual meeting for a final vote. The membership term begins at the end of the annual meeting at which an individual's nomination was voted upon, and continues through the next year's annual meeting. After membership is approved, a new member may register for the next year's annual meeting as a member.


Those interested in being a part of the APPA can initiate this process on their own behalf by contacting the Membership Chairperson with the relevant materials (for membership-level nomination) or by contacting two colleagues who are current fellows in good standing and asking them to nominate for fellowship. The Secretary notifies all newly elected members and fellows within a few weeks of the annual meeting. They then must also pay annual dues of $150 per year. Other membership categories include:

Trainee members

Trainee members consist of post-doctoral fellows and residents who are active in a formal training program. Such members may vote, but not nominate. Following the completion of a maximum of five years as a trainee member, trainee members may be nominated for active membership in the usual fashion. To be nominated for trainee membership, an adviser or member of APPA would need to write a letter on behalf of the trainee. Dues for this category of membership are $150 per year.

Life fellows/members

Are active fellows or members of at least fifteen years' duration who, upon retirement from professional activities, may choose to request this category of membership. They shall continue to receive information about association activities. They may continue to nominate other members and vote on Association business. They can continue to provide financial support to the association using the contribution opportunities. Dues for this category of membership are $50 per year.


Member in good standing:

In order to remain in good standing, members must attend at least one annual meeting every three years for United States residents and at least every sixth year for non-US residents. Members also pay annual dues.

The annual membership fee for Fellows and Members is $150.


The annual membership fee for Lifetime Members and Lifetime Fellows is $50.


For further information, please contact Dr. Monica Uddin.
Current members: To update your membership information, please contact Dr. Joshua Breslau.